A Veteran-Owned Non-Profit Organization

Home Of The Brave, Veterans Transitional Housing is a Veteran owned 501(c) 3 tax exempt  nonprofit Veterans transitional housing program with onsite lodging which is located and based in Eastern North Carolina where we aim at providing our services. We’re projecting to expand in all 50 states in the future.

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Our Mission

It is our mission to provide various Mental health programs to include PTSD counseling and support, Christian counseling, professional counseling, Mental Health skill building, wrap around services, and a 24/7 crisis hotline; Assisting Veterans, homeless or otherwise, with restoring themselves spiritually, mentally, and physically. We also engage ourselves in assisting our veterans with learning job skills, interviewing skills, and re-socialization both with family and society in general.

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Empowering Heroes

Home Of The Brave, Veterans Transitional Housing empowers Veterans through the steps of being in crisis to achieving self-reliance. Our vision is to lower the number of Veterans suicides which is at a national level of 22 per day. It is our mission to one day be able to eradicate Veteran suicide all together. To stabilize Veterans in crisis through housing, mental health programs, PTSD support. Veterans will also learn job skills and interviewing skills to obtain jobs. Re-entry to society and the family unit.

We look forward to providing our services to Veterans within the horizons of Elizabeth City, Moyock, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Edenton, and veterans from around the country.

Who We Are

Home Of The Brave Veterans Transitional Housing has an insatiable desire to create value by building upon each other’s capabilities through collaboration, and by motivating to take action while providing support and guidance through the process to achieve greatness.

Merlin Waldron

Merlin O. Waldron
Memoria De valens vivat tamque vestri

Michelle M. Waldron
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Merlin’s daughter Dr. Michelle M. Waldron has over 25 years’ experience in the Mental Health field. She holds a BA in Psychology and Sociology, Master’s in Counseling with an emphasis in Leadership and Outreach, and holds a Doctorate in Counseling with an emphasis in Crisis Intervention and Management.

Michelle Waldron

Shane M. Hartley

Shane M.Hartley is a Marine Corps service-related disabled veteran.

Shane Hartley

Stefan Goretski
Board Member | Executive Director

Stefan Goretski is a retired service-disabled veteran, retired after 21 years of service in the United States Navy.

Stefan Goretski

Derek Beck
Board Member 

Derek Beck, an Agile Transformation Consultant and Project Management Instructor, brings over 25 years of experience in leadership, project management, and team building. As CEO of Blue Summit Consulting Group, he leads organizational change and agile transformation. With a military background, Derek managed US government contracts, overseeing diverse services from photography to cybersecurity. Recognized as a Disciplined Agile Coach and Instructor, Derek’s credentials span PMP, ACP, DASM, DAC, CDAI. He holds an MBA in executive leadership, and Master Certificates in Project Management and Lean Six Sigma. Derek’s expertise bridges traditional and modern project management approaches.
Derek Beck

Dale Palileo
Board Member 

Dale Palileo is the Owner and Lead Web Presence Manager at Commerce Collective, a web presence management company based in Vancouver, Washington. 

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Join us in making a difference for our heroes—your donation or volunteering time can provide life-changing support to veterans, helping them rebuild their lives with dignity and purpose.