Case Studies

Please note that in our published case studies, we redact actual names to safeguard the privacy of individuals in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

1. A New Chapter for a 20-year Naval Veteran

From the vast seas to an uncertain shore, a Naval veteran with 20 years of dedicated service was on a quest to secure a steady job and transition smoothly into civilian life.

When the veteran reached out, we dove deep into understanding his aspirations. What kind of profession was he aiming for? What skills did he bring from his long-standing naval career? Gathering all the necessary details, our team proactively searched for opportunities tailored to his profile. But more than just offering links, we ensured a seamless application process. With every resource we provided, he could effortlessly click and be directed straight to the application page. No confusion, no wastage of time. As he delved into this new chapter, our support made sure he navigated this new world with confidence and ease.

20-year naval veteran

2. A Beacon of Hope for a 10-year Army Veteran

After a decade of service, an Army veteran stood at a precarious juncture – on the brink of losing everything dear to him. Joblessness was not just a word; it threatened the very foundation of his family.

Upon connecting with Home of the Brave, it was evident that the challenge was twofold. The immediate need was to get him back on his feet, and the other was addressing his severe anxiety, which made the mere thought of reaching out an ordeal. Our first step was to link him with the VSO and VA facility in his home state. But we didn’t stop there; we personally reached out to the VSO, preparing the way for his communication, making sure they were ready to assist him effectively.

Recognizing his anxiety, we carefully guided him, ensuring he felt equipped and confident to engage with the VSO and the VA. But our support was holistic; we surrounded him with wrap-around services, weaving a net of support. This meant creating a robust support system that combined the strengths of Home of The Brave Veterans Transitional Housing and valuable community resources in his home state. In his challenging times, he was no longer alone – a community stood with him, ensuring he and his family found their way back to stability and hope.

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